Social justice warriors were out in full force today, skipping out on their jobs and marching for things like fair pay and worker’s rights. And just like we’ve come to expect from a gathering of leftists, violence arose rather quickly.

What started out as a peaceful rally in Paris, France turned into an all out riot. A few hundred protesters began throwing Molotov Cocktails and gasoline bombs at the police, causing injuries to four officers.

Police Attacked With Fire Bombs In Paris

Police in Istanbul arrested 165 people during May Day protests across the city. A security department statement said that another 18 people who were suspected of planning illegal demonstrations and possible acts of violence on Monday were also detained in separate police operations.

Rioters Face Off With Police In Istanbul

It’s very difficult to take leftists seriously when their first instinct is to fire bomb police officers when they don’t get their way. Here’s an idea; if you want a raise, work harder. I’m sure skipping work to assault the police is not the best way to show your boss that you’re worthy of a bigger paycheck.

If the protesters just put half of the energy they use during their useless riots into their professions, maybe they’d see the day where they get a raise. But hey, maybe screaming and whining until their bosses give them a promotion is the thing to do nowadays.

It has become clear that it’s impossible for the left to have any kind of civil discussion without erupting into a state of hatred and violence towards literally anyone that disagrees with them. This has been proven true time and time again. For example, at Wellesley College, alma mater to the two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the student newspaper called for violence against anyone who takes part in so-called “racist” behavior.

“…if people are given the resources to learn and either continue to speak hate speech or refuse to adapt their beliefs, then hostility may be warranted.”

The left is keen on pushing the “everything i disagree with is hate speech” rhetoric. And that’s simply all it is; if your opinion differs from that of a leftist, you’re a hate-monger.

Although Antifa claims they’re peaceful, loving, and understanding, they’re the first ones who turn to violence. Unfortunately, the vehemence spewing from the left doesn’t seem to be coming to a conclusion anytime soon.

But remember, it’s the right-wingers who are the fascists.