President Trump has made it clear in his first seven months as Commander-In-Chief that he feels any criticism of his words or actions is an attack on the truth. This is simply not the case.

Seeing Trump surrounding himself with yes-men is incredibly frustrating given the fact that his voters, including myself, want to see him fulfill his campaign promises and have a successful presidency. But success will be impossible if Trump refuses to listen to anyone other than the voice inside his head.

The President needs conservative critics. Trump ran his campaign on the idea that he knows best and his hardcore supporters truly believe that. For example, people such as Sean Hannity or Eric Bolling refuse to think objectively when it comes to Trump and believe every word out of the President’s mouth.

No one can argue that Trump does not have a massive ego, and his position as President continues to inflate it. When someone like that is surrounded by yes-men that will defend his every move, he will believe nothing he does is wrong. It’s gotten to the point that he believes he can do whatever he wants without consequence.

Partially to blame is his supporters that dismiss every negative criticism as “fake news”, or, in Sean Hannity’s case, edit an interview with Ann Coulter to remove her censured comments about the President.

Coulter attacked Trump’s inclusion of former Goldman Sachs employees in his administration, such as economic adviser Gary Cohn. Hannity defended the President by saying that he never got a job from a poor man and that Gary Cohn is a good fit.

But let’s take things back to the campaign, when Trump was adamantly against Wall Street corporations. He even went after Hillary Clinton because of her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs, accusing her of working in favor of big corporations instead of the American people.

After winning the election, Trump now has multiple former Goldman Sachs employees on his staff. While it’s alarming, what’s worse is that people are actually defending these actions.

This is dangerous, but it can change.

A group of critics can make a difference. We need to push back against the yes-men and help Trump, and even his advisers, make the right decisions. Instead of having liberal minds in the White House like Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, or Wall Street bankers like Gary Cohn, the President should include conservative thinkers to help build upon the his agenda.

It is well known that Donald Trump is his own worst enemy, and the cheerleaders blindly supporting everything he does will not help him be a successful President.

You need to put down the pom-poms and make Trump give us the policies we’ve been waiting eight years for. Trump has been in office nearly seven months, the celebration phase is over.

It’s time to get to work.