Middle school teacher Yvonne Felarca was arrested Tuesday after a brawl broke out between opposing political groups on the University at California, Berkeley campus.

Felarca, 47, who teaches at Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, was charged with battery and resisting arrest (wow, what a surprise) after a clash between conservative students and leftists activists.

This isn’t the first time this middle school teacher/ domestic terrorist has been arrested for rioting. Back in July, Felarca was charged with inciting and participating in a riot with intent to cause great bodily injury.

Two men were also arrested on charges including carrying a banned weapon and participating in a riot, causing the crowd of Trump supporters to cheer as they were taken away by police.

And honestly, they look exactly how you’d expect them to.

Joey Gibson, a prominent right-wing speaker, led a rally of about 50 people in UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza following the cancellation of Milo Yiannopoulous’ “Free Speech Week,” because, you know, college campuses are so tolerant of conservative views.

Gibson vowed to remain in Berkeley until they “respect free speech.”

Prior to the event, Gibson posted a video to his Facebook page saying he wanted to bring attention to “disgusting things happening at Berkeley.”

The scuffles broke out when liberal activist group By Any Means Necessary began shouting at the Trump supporters.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the “empathy tent,” which was suppose to be a place for protesters to relax amid the chaos on campus, was toppled among the scuffle between the two groups. Police rushed in soon after.

Edwin Fulch reportedly created this area to preach meditation and understanding since the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

He told the Los Angeles Times:

 “It’s tough, but we do what we can to foster a dialogue. They brought the crowd and the yelling and the media. We asked the media to not chase violence but listen and mediate different sides.”

Kyle Chapman, who is known to most on Twitter as ‘Based Stickman,’ also attended the event. He spoke to the crowd and condemned the current attitude towards whites in the United States, as well as the leftists assault on free speech.

“I am far from done; I am not going to quit. I am not out here looking for views; I am not here looking for friends. I am out here looking to fight for the freedoms of our country.”

Berkeley has been the center of leftist violence for months. A place which was once the forefront of free speech has become a cesspool of close-minded, entitled, anti-American millennials that need an “empathy tent” to protect them from views opposite of their own.

These students are in for a rude awakening once the step out into the real world and realize that there are no safe spaces to protect their feelings.